Smooch is an 1-year-old female Shepherd mix who has already been spayed.  She is brown with a black muzzle and she has a black streak between her eyes.  Smooch also has white on her chest and paws.  This cutie currently weighs 40 pounds and so she is considered to be a medium sized dog.  Smooch is very frisky and playful as most young dogs would be.  Smooch is great with children; but her level of activity might be too much for small children.  She is also good with other dogs.  Smooch is already leash trained and enjoys playing outside in a fenced yard.  We know she would appreciate a nice fenced yard where she could safely play.  Smooch is such a wonderful girl who can’t wait to be starting on her new life with her new family.  Just look at her adorable face!  How can you say not to Smooch?