Please do NOT come to PAHS if:

  1. You are awaiting your results from a COVID test.
  2.  You are supposed to be in quarantine because you have been exposed to COVID in the past 2 weeks.
  3. You have recently tested positive for COVID.

Three times in the past 10 days people who have come to the shelter have revealed to staff, as they were leaving, that they are supposed to be in quarantine; are awaiting COVID test results; or they are COVID positive.

The PAHS staff is essential to the welfare of the animals at the shelter.  If our staff becomes sick we can’t simply shut the doors.  The PAHS animals will still need care–kennel cleaning, feeding, and watering.

PLEASE be considerate of our staff, their health, and the health of their families..

STRAYS:  If you find a stray and need to bring it to the shelter and you know you have been exposed to COVID, are waiting on COVID test results, or are COVID positive–please call animal control for transport.  If you live in the city of Prattville please call 361-9911 (Prattville Police Dispatch);  if you live in the county call 361-2500 (Autauga County Sheriff’s Office).

OWNER TURN INS AND RETURN ADOPTIONS:  If you have an owner turn in or a return adoption you will need to wait until you have been COVID free and are no longer contagious; or you no longer should be in quarantine.

PAHS is open Monday-Saturday from 11-4.  When you enter the parking lot call the staff at 358-2882 before trying to enter the building.  The staff will assist you.

We truly did not think we would need to make a post like this but since this has happened 3 times in 10 days we thought it necessary.

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