EFFECTIVE Thursday, February 11th:  Our operational hours will be Monday-Saturday; 11-2. Phones will be answered during those same hours. Our number is 334-358-2882. You may also reach us by email: info@prattvilleautaugahumane.org

INTAKES: We are asking owners to NOT surrender your pets to us until after Thursday, February 25th, except under dire circumstances. Please plan to either keep your pet during this time or rehome your pet yourself. We are NOT currently accepting trapped feral cats.

STRAYS: If you find a stray please make every effort to find the owner of the pet by asking neighbors; posting on neighborhood FB pages, and posting the found pet on Lost & Found Pets of Prattville with a picture, the location the animal was found, and your contact info. Please either call or email us with a lost/found report. Please be sure to include a description of the animal, a picture (if possible), and your contact info. Please take a found pet to a vet or us to be scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a rabies tag, please call the vet on the tag and they will put you in touch with the animal’s owner.

If you need to turn in a stray after hours please contact Animal Control. Animal Control does have access to the shelter. If you live in the City of Prattville call 361-9911 for Animal Control. If you live in Autauga County, but outside city limits, call 361-2500. Animal Control will not pick up cats. Animal Control is employed by the city and county; they are not employees of PAHS.

VOLUNTEERS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE: We are not allowing any volunteers or community service workers until further notice.

We are trying to take care of both the PAHS pets and the staff who takes care of them. We need to limit public access to the shelter to prevent our staff from further exposure to COVID 19.

We appreciate your patience and support as we do the best, we can do to adequately take care of the animals entrusted to us

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