Scavenger Hunt to Benefit the Animals

“Saturday, March 15th, the Iron Warrior’s Motorcycle Club had a scavenger hunt to benefit PAHS. This group of police officers, firefighters, their friends, and sponsors raised $900 for PAHS. We would like to thank Tina and Mike for organizing this event, all of the participants, and the sponsors. The $900 total included the $100 prize that was awarded to Beverly and Rusty for being the winners of the scavenger hunt. They generously donated their winnings back to PAHS. Special thanks to Jim’s Restaurant, Chappy’s Deli Prattville, Prattville Powersports, Pratt Pub & Oyster Bar, and of course the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club. We appreciate all of you so much–you have made our No Room for Rover kennel expansion one step closer to ground breaking! A big thanks to the Big Star Tavern for hosting a BBQ plate sale after the scavenger hunt and donating half of their proceeds to PAHS. We have not been given the total from that and will let you know when we hear! Thank you again to Tina and Mike and everyone who helped make this such a great success.”

I am pictured with Tina and Mike–the organizers. The couple with the motorcycle are the winners–Beverly and Rusty–. they donated their $100 winnings to PAHS. The little girl was a participant who helped with door prizes–I did not get her name but her mother said we could share the picture. The certificate was given to each sponsor by the Iron Warriors. The cooler was being awarded to one of the door prize winners.

IMG_3595 IMG_3615 IMG_3603 IMG_35942nd Scavenger Hunt