Shelter Wish List

N1305P39021COur shelter has an urgent need for bleach and laundry detergent. We use these two items everyday while cleaning to keep the pets healthy. Two washers and dryers are running all day, everyday, to keep up with the towels and blankets used for bedding and cleaning. While shopping for your family, please pick up an extra bottle of bleach or box of detergent for the shelter. You can drop off your donations at our shelter on Reuben Road. If you have a large quantity to donate and need it to be picked up, please call 334-358-2882 and we will make arrangements to pick up your donations.

Monetary donations are always welcome!
Cat litter
Kitten chow (no red dye)
Puppy chow (no red dye)
Dog toys
Cat toys
Laundry detergent (liquid or powder, any brand)
Dishwashing liquid
Paper towels
Latex gloves
Brooms and mops
Copy paper
Office supplies
Lots of love . . .