The Rewards of Fostering

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Volunteers are Love in Motion By: Jenny Whisenhunt “Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.” -Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947), American Women’s Rights Activist The above quote by early 20th century humanitarian Carrie Chapman Catt speaks to the innumerable opportunities individuals have to serve those in need. Charities and non-profits span the globe; typically, when we hear the word “non-profit” larger, more recognizable names such as The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and the United Way come to mind. It is a common oversight to think of volunteering as just something nice that people can do in their spare time. Volunteering makes folks feel great about helping others, and it has an indisputable, concrete impact. The Corporation for National and Community Service cites that 61.8 million individuals in the United States contributed 8 billion hours of volunteerism in 2008 alone. Non-profit organizations are important, life-changing causes that have contributed volumes to the betterment of humankind; however, humans are not the only ones who need help. Volunteers walk dogs, pet cats, clean cages, help with adoptions and feedings, and contribute veterinary expertise to organizations like animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers. The chance to give your time and love to animals exists locally at the Prattville Autauga Humane Society. Seniors, adults, teenagers, and children can help our shelter animals in many different capacities. If you are interested in volunteering on-site, or at the shelter itself, there is a variety of ways one can lend a hand. One of the most common activities in which volunteers participate is socializing and playing with our animals; this is a significant and meaningful service to the shelter animals. By making them accustomed to and unafraid of a variety of people, the cats and dogs have a better chance of being adopted; in addition, play and physical interaction offer them exercise, affection, and breaks up the monotony of their day. Coming out to socialize the shelter animals is also an ideal pursuit for individuals who are not able to have pets in their home, but love animals and want to spend quality time with them. Another way people can offer...

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